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Submitted Artwork III

Thanks for visiting the Art Institute. Look for more pictures to arrive in the future.
Here are more excellent pictures people have allowed me to put on my page.

Logan Payne drew this Final Form picture for this site


Jim Walsh sent me this Hobby Japan cover of a Burning Godzilla model.


Angel Meiru of Rising Goddess drew this rather "crazy" (her words)
spoof on "cos-play", which means dressing up in anime costumes

I'd say Destoroyah approves: this should settle the gender debate!


Finally, Pu from Thailand sent me these Lobby Card scans


Destoroyah and Godzilla both strongly encourage you to let the pictures stay original to this site.

Don't forget to visit the annexes in my page's Destoroyah and Godzilla Movie Pictures sections.

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Okay, admit it, which is the best Heisei Godzilla movie? Besides Godzilla, who is the best monster?