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TV Land Colorgraph Collection

I have no idea what a "Colorgraph" is, but that's what the title translates to. While not a particularly large or in depth book, I did find some worthy pictures.

Ba-Dum... Ba-Dum... Ba-Dum...

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Toho needs to adjust their scale when it comes ship models. They always look so small next to him.

I'm always on the lookout for more final battle pictures (my favorite part of the movie).

I hope there's no "Peter Arnett of Japan" in that building, too

Hmm, I don't remember this scene in the movie. The book drew in the rays, rather sloppily, I might add. Was Kawakita helping with this matte?

Then again, it doesn't look that bad on this scan.


Here is a cover of another book, this one featuring a rather
terrifying picture of Destoroyah holding the oxygen destroyer.

"G's Exciting Battle to the Death!!"


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