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Godzilla Chromium Cards

I found these cards at a collectors show in Honolulu. Each packet had 5 cards and a sticker from Godzilla's movies. Each card had some info on the monsters or a multiple-choice quiz. I bought 6 packs and, alas, none contained a Destroyer card. However, I did get some neat Burning Godzilla ones.

Godzilla prepares to attack

Godzilla, sub zero

Godzilla in flames

Godzilla roaring mad

Godzilla, radioactive glow

Here is a quiz from one of the cards:

"Where did the Godzilla legend begin?"
      A. Okinawa
      B. Ohtojima Island
      C. The source of the Kitakami river

The answer was not "B", the island featured in Godzilla 1954, but "C"! I looked on an atlas, and the Kitakami River's source is near Morioka on northern Honshu. As far as I can recall, Godzilla has never been there in any of his movies. Toho Studios was never located there, and none of the creators (Tanaka, Honda, or Tsuburaya) were from there.

Why is answer "C" correct? A misprint, perhaps?

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