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Legends of Godzilla

Obviously, the pictures mean more to me than the game, and there are some great pics here. Besides Godzilla's movies, there are also shots from other Toho films like Mothra '96, Battle in Outer Space, and The Mysterians, plus the TriStar movie. Below are some of the cards featuring GvD.



As for the Pokemon card game similarities, I'm totally at a loss to tell you how it works. All the cards have a blue back (top left), but the second one (with Junior) had a red back. There are a bunch of facts and figures on the card. The set does come with a small 79-page(!) rule book, but it's all in Japanese.

Jim Cirronella told me: "The 'Legends of Godzilla' is a trading card game similar to 'Magic,' excepting of course that the game incorporates monsters, hardware and locations from the Toho sci-fi universe. There are 300 cards in the regular set, as well as a 145-card expansion set released earlier this year. The starter decks include 60 cards and are the only means of obtaining the 'attack' card sub-set. There are also 15-card booster packs available for both the regular and expansion sets."

By the way, Squirtle, the Pokemon on the left means "Squirrel-turtle". Some may say it means "squirting-turtle", but they are ignoring the tail. Besides, that's what Dulce says and it's her card.

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