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GvD Library II

This is the rest of my collection. I'm always looking to expand my picture book collection! After you click my references, make sure to click BACK on your browser to return. At the bottom of the page, I have my English-language Godzilla literary works, most of which were invaluable in gaining information.

We Love Godzilla Everytime

Don't you just love Engrish titles? I've been after this 153-page book for a long time, and it was worth the wait.

Rather than just cover GvD, it shows posters, scenes, media, and even toys from all 22 movies. As for my movie, there is an extensive section on the development of the CGI used in the film. Another neat thing is on the left-hand edge of each page. It's a little flip-book with Emiko and Godzilla, Godzilla torching Hong Kong, and Godzilla melting!

GvD Film Comic

This book is similar to a comic book/graphic novel, with speech bubbles and sound effects. However, instead of drawn pictures, it features photos from the movie.

Scans from this book appear throughout my page, especially in:

Godzilla Super Battle

This was my first Japanese Godzilla book, which I found in Omaha in June '98. It's a rather small book (6x6"; 22 cardboard pages), but features many colorful Heisei monster pictures.

Godzilla vs Daikaiju: Portable Sound Picture Book

First, excuse the lengthy translation. My friend Linda just told me what each word meant, and I tied them together as best I could.

It is a heavy cardboard-stock children's book with 14 pages of the Heisei movies. However, that is not the coolest part. On the bottom of the book is a pad with pictures of the monsters. When you press that monster, the book emits a sound. The noise is a tad tinny, but they sound very close to their actual roars (except, ironically for me, Destoroyah's). Now I can have some real fun playing with my toys!

  • See how the GvD page works.

TV Land Colorgraph

Yet another book with the word "TV" in the title. This 27-page book is made with a rather heavy stock and I assume it was meant for children. Each page has a collage of pictures with very little writing.

Uchusen Magazine #74

This magazine was dated Autumn 1995 and has a small 8-page preview section on GvD with movie pics and toys. All the Destoroyah forms are present, but there are no pics of Junior.

The rest of the magazine deals with other types of sci fi (Ultraman, Star Trek, Power Rangers). There are other Japanese pop culture items covered in the 126 pages, but they simply defy description (Ind's a GoGo! ?).

Take a closer look at that terrifying Destoroyah drawing on the cover.

Kondasha TV Picture Book #82

Obviously a children's book, the 18 pages are on very thick pieces of cardboard, not unlike baby books over here. It's full of pictures, but nothing I don't have in my other books.

Oh well, at least the cover looks interesting.

GvD TV Magazine #8

I found this book in Omaha as well. A 19-page cardboard book with pictures from the movie.

TV Magazine Card Book #2

This really isn't a book or a magazine. It's a collection of Toho monsters on 49 postcards (4x6"). They're all here, from MechaniKong to Magma to Battra to Yamata no Orochi.

GvD Notebook

My only all-English GvD book, it certainly defied all my expectations. Looking at the cover layout, it must be a comic book. The tagline reads "The last moment for Godzilla has arrived! The countdown is on!" and the little green box says "12,9: THE XDAY will come!" (xday?)

Sure, it's called a "notebook", but I didn't take it seriously (you know how those Japanese translations can be). Then I opened it: 24 identical sheets, left and right side. On the bright side, both monsters look great. I can photocopy them and have some great stationery.

Godzilla vs Destoroyah Movie Program

Available only at theaters in Japan, this is the official GvD program. The book has more great pictures, spreads, and lots of words (wish I knew Japanese). My favorite pages are the toy advertisements, where I've found I've done a pretty good job collecting GvD stuff!

The following are my English language Godzilla books (I didn't feel like scanning all the covers).
All except Marrero's book are still available on or other distributors:

  • Godzilla Compendium (Lees, Cerasini): An overview of Godzilla's career, movies, and monsters, this is a great starter book for a prospective Godzilla fan (hey, it worked for me!). This book gave me my first glimpse of Destoroyah.

  • A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's Godzilla Series (Kalat): Rather in-depth look at many movies, although the symbolism seems a bit contrived. Nonetheless, this thick tome is full of information about the history of Godzilla and all his movies. Easily the coolest title of my Godzilla books (We Love Godzilla Everytime a close second).

  • Unauthorized Guide to Godzilla Collectibles (Linkenback): This 175-page book blew away all expectations. Every page has full-color glossy pictures of toys, posters, knicknacks, books, models, and all things Godzilla. Literally 1000's of things listed. The posters are my favorite section. My SuperWalk Destoroyah is item ET1008, in case you were wondering.

  • Godzilla, King of the Movie Monsters (Marrero): I found this book at a used book store, and felt quite lucky that I found a Godzilla book! The excitement wore off as soon as I started reading about the "big mama Destroyer". Written at a level that would insult a 12-year old, to say "it sucks" would be an understatement. Am I being too harsh? The next G fan to counter this opinion will be the first.

  • Japan's Favorite Mon-Star; The Unauthorized Biography of "The Big G" (Ryfle): Is there any point in recommending this book? Most G fans have already ordered it (try to get it quickly). Superbly done, it exhaustively covers just about everything concerning Godzilla's films.

  • Monster Series: Godzilla (Ian Thorne): Published in 1977 and a classic among Godzilla fans. I remember checking this book out all the time from my elementary school library. A childrens book that tells all about the history of Godzilla's movies, although it claims that the Japanese version has Godzilla beating King Kong!

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